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Introducing Compound Collection


Introducing the Compound Collection

Spaces are most comfortable when the furniture in them molds to your needs. The faster people can adapt to their surroundings, the faster the conversation sets in, and thinking and reflecting abound. Our new Compound Collection was created in the mind of designer Jangir Maddadi, who set out to create a seating product that encourages dynamics, innovation and opportunity. With this collection, a series of four modules and five separate materials to choose from, the product itself is easy and fun to re-shape and re-design at will. The interior changes with the needs of the people.

Encouraging innovation

The Compound Collection is an entirely new concept in furniture design. This unique bench system uses a modular design to build the room that the client envisions, in any variety of formation, size and color. Using four basic shapes, designers have absolutely no limits and every possibility to build the perfect seating arrangement for their project. Four high-quality, innovative materials are offered: coated foam; concrete; fiberglass with teak seats seats; and bendable wood with leather seats. The varying materials change the entire tone of the pieces: Compound Foam creates fun, playful bright colors and no sharp edges, whereas Compound Wood generates chic exclusivity. With a height of 37 cm and an average width of 75 cm, each of these seats is formed to connect to each other in an organic, curving pattern that encourages innovation.

Sustainable Compounds

Each of the five materials offered in the Compound Collection shows a keen awareness of the need for today’s designers to offer more ecologically-friendly public furniture: fiberglass is durable, low-maintenance and sustainable. Our leather is produced by a Swedish tanning plant developed specifically to reduce nitrogen emissions by 80%.

A bench that makes sense

Functionally, the Compound Collection speaks for itself. Its organic curvature testifies to its ability to seat many people at one time, while still allowing for a high degree of comfort in a public or private arena. The simple curving lines of each of the four forms meet at precise and bold angles but are made from materials that render them safe for all users. Each form flows into each other with exact congruity so that every work that is created from this collection has a unique aesthetic quality that always serves its desired purpose. This furniture can grow or shrink at your own will. And while these benches are designed for seating many people at one time, they occupy very little space, proving to be economical for the developer. The Compound Collection is, without a doubt, a new step in public furniture design.