Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

Jangir Maddadi and Royal Design Team Up for the Holiday Season


Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau and Royal Design Sweden have joined forces to launch ROCKET and GLORIA,  the latest lighting pieces designed by Maddadi, following the success of Droid and Swarm.


ROCKET is now available for purchase at Royal Design Sweden.


The archetype of geometric perfection, ROCKET is constructed from pure, refined sheets of perforated metal, joined in a triangular prism of light, and proves that less truly is more. In fact, it is utterly mesmerizing.

Rocket is based on the inspiration that humans surround themselves with the shapes of daily life: cubes, spheres, and the like. This powerful prism is a break away from those day-to-day forms, adding an exciting variation of sculpture and light. This is a lamp you’ve never seen before.


GLORIA, a modernist take on Swedish Advent candles, is arriving just in time for the holiday season. The diminutive heights of these votives are representative of the effect made by each of the four candles lit up in the weeks Christmas.


While inspired by Advent candles, Gloria’s serene simplicity allows you to use it the whole year round. This clever industrial design – easy to store and easy to use –  is a safer solution to open flame candles.


GLORIA is now available for purchase at Royal Design Sweden. http://www.royaldesign.se/.

Rocket and Gloria press material