Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

Jangir Maddadi’s Playsam Past



Jangir Maddadi began his career as a designer at Playsam – home of the world-renowned design toy company, whose focus is to create masterfully crafted wooden toys, whose design is so unique that it is unmistakeable. It is Playsam. 


Working at Playsam had a strong influence on Maddadi’s early career, and he carries that with him today. His first design with them was a pencil sharpener in the shape of a small wooden car.


Later, Maddadi’s creation, the “XBus,” became a staple in the developing Streamliner series.


Jangir Maddadi has also been largely influential in the graphic elements of Playsam, redeveloping the packaging design for the company’s graphic profile. Below, a graphic rendition of the Volvo PV 544.