Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau


The latest addition to Jangir Maddadi’s prolific collections of luxury furniture, the Flight Pot is a piece that can’t be missed — literally. Standing at an impressive 165 cm tall with a 155 cm round diameter, the Flight Pot is a giant public planter, perfect for adding substantial greenery to any open space.

Originally a custom design for the Aruba Airport, the inspiration for Flight Pot came from the majestic, streamlined shapes of the casing armor for the engines of jet planes that we are all so familiar with when we fly.

The Flight Pots are an excellent method for bringing trees or large plantings into public spaces without the hassle of the more permanent digging process. The Flight Pots may be affixed to the ground upon request.

The unique curvature of their fiberglass shapes – available in all RAL colors – gracefully complements the JMDB bench collections. Sculptural and unique, the Flight Pot is a testament to the boundary-breaking forms that JMDB is known for.