Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau



Every interior is different. Every landscape has its own character. Here at JMDB, we want all clients to have the opportunity to personalize their benches, to make it unique to them and to the spaces they will design.

One way to do that is to offer clients the chance to choose their own colors and seating options. A high-end ladies dressing room may desire a pink fiberglass base and soft-white leather 2-seater, whereas a boardwalk in a harbor would fare better with long, white teak- topped Yacht Panoramas. Our diverse color scheme can instantly change a benchʼs personality, lending itself to a flexibility that revolutionizes traditional public seating.


As with many areas in life, infinite choices are often overwhelming! That is why we are here at JMDB to offer guidance and feedback to clients who would like help in choosing the right benches for their projects. Members of our team who are equipped with masterʼs degrees from design schools are eager to work with clients on layout drawings, as well as color and material options.

And at our company, working with our clients is an added opportunity to improve our collections based on our clientsʼ suggestions and wishes!

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