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This robust variant of the original Union Bench juxtaposes the strength of concrete with organic, undulating forms. It withstands climates around the globe and its assortment of sizes make it perfect for placement in parks, streets, squares and gardens. Thanks to the island arrangement of the seats, the bench provides a 360° view of the surroundings. This amounts to maximum usability of the surrounding space, as users can choose either to maintain their privacy, or to share the space with those around them.

Timeless design

Weighing in at 1300 kg, the power of the outdoor Union Bench in concrete gives it a strong value, particularly for landscape designers looking for outdoor furniture that will last. Its comfortable, refined design combines a spherical concrete base with smooth, circular wood seating. The simple, stylish design fits well in any setting, lending a futuristic yet classic, harmonious touch.

Made with love. Made to age.

The outdoor Union Benches in concrete comprise a collection of 3-seater, 2- seater, 1-seater and flowerpot. Every piece is made-to-order and concrete is poured in our company’s home town of Kalmar, Sweden. After hardening, it is then hand-sanded and polished to produce its smooth, cool texture.

Our seats are constructed of natural, untreated larch, a wood able to withstand harsh winters and is known for its beauty as it ages.

Go with greenery

Clients also have the option to integrate a flowerpot into one or more of the Union Bench spheres. An integrated flowerpot provides the perfect way to add greenery to a scene or town square, and evokes a general feeling of appreciation among users.

As with all our Union Family benches, the spheres of the Union Family benches are seamlessly merged with two side tables, increasing flexibility and function for its users.

We at the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau work with all of our clients to help them choose the absolute best options when customizing their Union Bench. We care deeply about our designs, and we look forward to finding new ways to integrate them into different spaces around the world.

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