Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

A simple solution. A striking design. The Panorama offers a welcome alternative to the linear public benches that speckle the world. Inspired by the natural curves of people in movement, the Panorama is an elegant sculpture composed of organic shapes and exquisite materials.

Design with a purpose

The Panorama’s long and sleek form is specially intended for placement in the corridors of such areas as luxury shopping areas, design hotels and museums. It functions both as a bench that can accommodate up to twelve people, and as an eye-catching design piece that reflects the value of the public space.

Swedish made quality

Each Panorama is customized and made to order by Swedish craftworkers with skills handed down from generation to generation. Our moulds are poured and finished by expert yacht producers on the east coast of Sweden.

This sleek piece is offered in a multitude of colors and materials. For interior spaces, clients are free to choosehand-sewnleather seats. For outdoor environments, clients may combine the fiberglass base with teak seats to create the elegant Panorama Yacht Bench.

A multifunctional piece

Clients also have the option to integrate a flowerpot into one or more of the Panorama spheres. The flowerpot offers a wide variety of flexibility, and can be used as a planter or even filled with ice and drinks at events and social functions. The possibilities are virtually endless.

As with all our Union Family benches, the spheres of the Panorama are seamlessly merged with two side tables, increasing flexibility and function for its users.

We at the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau work with all of our clients to help them choose the absolute best options when customizing their Panorama. We care deeply about our designs, and we look forward to finding new ways to integrate them into different spaces around the world.

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