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A labor of love. The Yacht Bench is inspired by the exquisite fiberglass and teak-decked vessels that glide along the Mediterranean Sea. A classic from the moment it was launched, the Yacht Bench is JMDB’s most popular piece.

You don’t have to be a sailor to love the Yacht Bench

Designed to be a luxury item that can withstand a shining sun and heavy rain, the Yacht Bench features a fiberglass base with seats made of the same exquisitely cut teak used by yachtsmen around the world. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor placement, and available in all Union Bench sizes and colors, the Yacht Bench offers the versatility that architects crave.

Made by Swedish yacht producers

As with all JMDB products, the Yacht Bench is a customized, made-to-order piece that are available in all colors. Moulds are poured by Swedish yacht producers and our high-quality teak is imported from its Southeast Asian roots and carefully crafted by experts in Swedish woodworking.

A multifunctional design

Clients also have the option to integrate a flowerpot into one or more of the Yacht spheres. The flowerpot offers a wide variety of flexibility, and can be used as a planter or even filled with ice and drinks at events and social functions. The possibilities are virtually endless.

As with all our Union Family benches, the spheres of the Yacht Bench are seamlessly merged with two side tables, increasing flexibility and function for its users.

We at the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau work with all of our clients to help them choose the absolute best options when customizing their Yacht Bench. We care deeply about our designs, and we look forward to finding new ways to integrate them into different spaces around the world.

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