Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau


Captain is something between a chair and an armchair. It’s been drawn, shaped, and created in collaboration with chiropractors. The curved back and high armrests relieves shoulders and arms of any strain. Its wide seat makes it easy to find a comfortable position. Or five.

Captain’s main body is composed of an antibacterial ABS plastic. The object obtains antiseptic and antibacterial properties effectively reducing the bacteria on its surface. Captain is a beautiful piece of furniture from your home’s most comfortable corner, that would serve as well in a conference room or at the centre of a public space.

Soft cushioned seating is available in leather or fabric. Captain is standing its ground on natural oak legs and steel reinforcements. The two materials are acting polarising partners offering both beauty and strength.

Captain’s big secret is that it’s not acually the captain at all. You are.